Yellow Archer

Forgotten Master

Forgotten Master

Home tower TowerForge
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Victory Theme

The Forgotten Master, or Yellow Archer, is a reclusive aged veteran of archery. He trained the Vigilante Thief and aided her in her quest for vengeance.


A master of archery, the Yellow Archer in his old age retired and became a reclusive hermit in an unknown land. When he was later discovered by the Vigilante Thief he offered to train and aid her in her cause in challenging the authority of the King of Towerfall and he returned with her to Thornwood. What happened afterwards is unclear, but the Forgotten Master was later discovered in the depths of TowerForge turned to stone. He may have been residing in the small town that was swallowed by the fissure that revealed TowerForge.


The Forgotten Master was the second archer added to the TowerFall Ascension update and fills the role of the classic trope of the aged master who trains a young disciple. He is unique among the archers in being able to enter a sleeping state when left ducking for a few seconds.


To unlock the Yellow Archer you must complete a gem collection quest in the Trials mode. The Yellow Archer can be found hidden and turned to stone in one of the Towerforge II Trials stage along with hints to the location of 7 yellow gems hidden throughout the Trials stages. Collect all 7 gems and return to the Yellow Archer to unlock him.

Young Master


Home tower Unknown
Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Victory Theme

The Alternate Yellow Archer is the Young Master, who represents the Forgotten Master in the prime of his youth. Despite his youthful vigor, he is still quick to fall asleep in the same manner as the Forgotten Master. He hides a formidable afro under his headband.

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