White Archer

Ancient Exile

Ancient Exile

Home tower Moonstone
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Victory Theme

The Ancient Exile, or White Archer, was found frozen in amethyst in the Moonstone tower after it fell from the moon. After being released from the amethyst she wildly attacked those who freed her before vanishing to an unknown location.


The White Archer was originally one of the three sacred sisters of the Order. Centuries ago, when the forces of darkness seemed overwhelming, the White Archer was exiled to the moon at the hand of the Blue Archer in order to add to the Moon Goddess' power and abate the rising tide of demonic forces. She remained there, unheard from for centuries, until recently when she emerged from the fallen Moonstone. The Blue Archer, at long last reunited with her kin could see that the White Archer was not the same as the sister who sacrificed herself long ago.


The Ancient Exile was the first archer added to the TowerFall Ascension update. She is unique among the archers for having long white hair that will trail behind her when released from its tie. Alternatively, players can choose to start with her hair down by holding the left trigger button when selecting her.


The White Archer can be unlocked by playing Versus mode on the Moonstone tower until she appears, frozen in amethyst. Firing arrows at the amethyst will eventually release her and she will be henceforth unlocked.

Sacred Sister

Sacred Sister

Home tower Unknown
Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Victory Theme

The Alternate White Archer is the Sacred Sister as she appeared before being exiled to the moon. Missing her iconic long hair, she instead wears a cloak similar to her sisters of the Order, the Blue and Purple archers.

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