Versus ~ Quest ~ Trials
1v1 Levels 10
FFA Levels 7
Team Levels 6
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Music Creation Myth
Treasure Spawn Rates
+2 Arrows %
Shield %
Wings %
Time Orb %
Dark Orb %
Lava Orb %

Following the defeat of the King Reaper at King's Court, TowerForge was revealed as a great fissure appeared in the southern continent of TowerFall, resulting in a small town being swallowed into the earth. The fate of the inhabitants of the town remain unknown. The significance of TowerForge is unclear, though it is speculated to have had a role in the ancient myth of TowerFall's creation. The Yellow Archer, the Forgotten Master is later found turned to stone in the depths of TowerForge.


TowerForge is hot and the gameplay elements found there reflect this. Hot coals cover many surfaces which force archers into the air bouncing successively when they land on them. Super Bomb Arrows are also found here which, as the name implies have a greater blast range compared to the regular Bomb Arrows and explode outward in + pattern as opposed to a spherical radius.


TowerForge can be unlocked in Versus by choosing the Random Tower Select after playing a total of 200 Versus rounds or in Quest mode clearing the King's Court stage on any difficulty.

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