The Order
The Order


Centuries before the era of Kings, three sisters formed a pact with the Moon Goddess to protect TowerFall. In doing so they became an ageless order of defenders. The three members of the Order came to be known as the Sacred Sisters and they worked in unison using the power granted to them by the Moon Goddess to protect the balance of power between the world of TowerFall and its counterpart, the Dark World.

As legend has it the three heroes won countless victories, but ultimately were overwhelmed by the endless legion of monsters their enemies commanded. Sensing the futility of their actions, one of the Order gave up hope, allowing herself to be turned by the corrupting force of the Dark World. Despite the best efforts of her sisters she was consumed by demonic forces and lost to the Dark World.

The Order, reduced to two and their power greatly diminished, could not hope to stop the swell of enemies threatening to throw TowerFall into darkness. One of the remaining sisters was exiled to the moon as a last resort in order to abate the rising tide of demons. There her power combined with that of the Moon Goddess whose calming glow was able to suppress the forces of darkness, though for how long it is not certain.

The remaining sister now stands alone as the Last of the Order, watching over TowerFall and doing all she can to maintain the balance of power she has sworn to protect.

Sacred Sisters of the Order

With the falling of the Moonstone and the opening of the Dark World portals, the three Sacred Sisters of the Order have at long last convened again in TowerFall, though their motives could not be more disparate. As always, they hold power over the realm and stand poised to decide the fate of all of TowerFall and its inhabitants.

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