0 locked ??? All versus modes
1 mostLethal Most Lethal 3+ players
Dispatched the most archers.
2 bubbleBreakerAward Bubble Breaker Award All versus modes
Destroyed the most shields.
3 locked Quick Draw Award All versus modes, Ascension
Be efficient.
4 mostDevious Most Devious All versus modes
Exploiting screen wrap.
5 mostVindictive Most Vindictive All versus modes
Kills from beyond the grave.
6 greedAward Greediest All versus modes
Swiped the most treasure.
7 longestInnings Longest Innings 3+ players
Survived the longest.
8 locked Late To The Party Award 3+ players, Ascension
9 mostlyHarmless Mostly Harmless 3+ players
10 mostPrepared Most Prepared All versus modes
Always ready for a fight!
11 leastPrepared Least Prepared All versus modes
Gathered the least arrows.
12 mostTriggerHappy Most Trigger-Happy All versus modes
Shot the most arrows. Settle down!
13 worstAccounting Worst Accounting All versus modes
Shooting with an empty quiver.
14 whoNeedsArrows Who Needs Arrows? All versus modes
For stomping archers to death.
15 locked Marksmanship Award All versus modes, Ascension
Best shot to kill ratio.
16 longestShot Longest Shot All versus modes
Trick shot!
17 pickpocketAward Pickpocket Award All versus modes
Stole the most arrows.
18 mostRegal Most Regal 3+ players, FFA
Wore the crown the most.
19 regicideAward Regicide Award 3+ players
Assassinated the most queens and kings.
20 koalaAward Koala Award All versus modes
Clinging to ledges the most.
21 koalaHunterAward Koala Hunter Award All versus modes
Killed those koalas.
22 mostEvasive Most Evasive All versus modes
Dodged the most.
23 mostZen Most Zen All versus modes
Caught the most arrows.
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