Below is a list of the numerous unlockables, hidden details and secrets included in TowerFall. Perhaps there are more…


This page contains many spoilers for the content of TowerFall. If you would prefer to discover things for yourself then you are advised to leave this page immediately.


Ascension Archers

The Ascension update saw 4 hidden unlockable archers added to the roster: the White, Yellow, Cyan and Purple Archer who can be unlocked by varying means detailed in their individual pages.

Pulver Prince

A hidden Pink Archer alternate referencing the reigning TowerFall champion, Kyle Pulver can be selected by holding the Left Trigger button when selecting the Assassin Prince. He has blue hair in a style similar to Kyle and features original win/loss portrait art and a victory theme.

Let Your Hair Down

When playing as the Ancient Exile players can choose to start with her hair down by holding the Left Trigger button when selecting her.

Sleepy Master

The Yellow Archer and his alternate can fall asleep in combat by remaining in a ducking state for several seconds. There is also a Steam Achievement awarded for doing so.

Jingle Bells

When playing as the Cyan Archer, a jingle bell sound is emitted every time they crouch or stand. This feature was added in response to players making a habit of repeatedly crouching at the end of rounds to celebrate their victory.

Breath of Life

When battling on stages set in cold weather such as Frostfang Keep and King's Court archers will emit visible puffs of breath due to the cold. However, this does not extend to the Purple and Red Archers, indicating their undead status.


Most of the archers wear hats and other headwear that can be knocked off in battle by explosions and near misses. An archer who has lost their headwear can recover it by standing over it and pressing down. The same applies to crowns worn by the match leaders. Certain Versus Awards are given to archers who prioritize fashion in the heat of battle.


Ascension Stages

The Ascension update included several hidden stages which can be unlocked by varying means. They include Sunken City, Moonstone, TowerForge and Ascension.


Samurais vs. Archers

There is a secret Versus mode Variant called Gunn Style that references the game Samurai Gunn. It can be unlocked by entering the following code on the Credits screen: Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Jump. When active the game will freeze frame on each kill in a manner similar to that seen in Samurai Gunn. Conversely, the Green, Blue and Pink Archer each feature in Samurai Gunn as hidden characters.



The hidden Quest mode only Gauntlet stage can be unlocked by clearing all stages. [Gauntlet #gauntletII |Gauntlet II]]] can be unlocked by clearing all stages (including Gauntlet) on the Hardcore difficulty.

Dark Gauntlet

The Dark World expansion hides a secret Dark World mode stage called Dark Gauntlet which is unlocked after clearing all the Dark World stages.

Quest Gold Skulls

A Gold Skull rank can be achieved on each of the Quest mode stages by completing them on Hardcore without dying.

Dark World Eyes

The difficult Eye rank can be achieved on each of the Dark World mode stages by completing them on Legendary without using continues. The excessively difficult Gold Eye rank can be achieved by completing them on Legendary without dying. No, it's not impossible. See this YouTube playlist for a Gold Eye demonstration of each stage.


Red Pearl Developer Times

Every Trials stage has a hidden developer time that if beaten rewards a Red Pearl. The times are extremely fast and require precise execution of all of TowerFall's advanced techniques.

Ogmo Lives!

Ogmo, the star of the game Jumper can be found hidden in the Trials TowerForge II stage. Jumper was one of the earliest games developed by TowerFall's creator, Matt Thorson.


Ascension Title Theme

If you manage to complete all the stages prior to and including Ascension in Quest mode then an alternate title screen will be displayed along with an alternate version of the title theme.

Original title theme:

Alternate Ascension title theme:

Chip Title Theme

There is a hidden chip tune version of the title theme by artist Will Kirkby. After unlocking Ascension, it has a 1/100 chance of being played whenever entering any of the game's main menus. Listen below:

Unlock All!

There's a secret code that can be used to unlock all hidden archers and stages. Go to the credits screen and enter the following: Left, Right, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right Trigger, Jump.

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