Purple Archer

Vicious Vessel

Viscious Vessel

Home tower Twilight Spire
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Victory Theme

The Vicious Vessel, or Purple Archer, is one of the three sisters of the Order, whom was lost to the Dark World centuries ago. She is possessed by demonic forces and is capable of wielding dark magic. Her appearance at Twilight Spire and its subsequent destruction was one of the events signifying the turmoil that was soon to befall TowerFall.


The Purple Archer was originally one of the three sacred sisters of the Order. Centuries ago during the battle against legions of monsters emanating from the Dark World, the Purple Archer gave up hope allowing herself to become corrupted by the demonic energy and was subsequently lost to the Dark World. Since then she had not been sighted until the Dark World portals began opening across TowerFall. The Purple Archer emerged from a portal at Twilight Spire wielding dark magic in a show of force that left the spire crumbling to the ground. The humanity she possessed as a sacred sister of the Order appears lost forever; she has become the Vicious Vessel of a demonic force, believed responsible for the King of TowerFall's corruption and the disasters that have plagued the land since.


The Vicious Vessel was the fourth and final archer added to the TowerFall Ascension update. Being devoid of life, her character sprite will not emit breath in stages such as Frostfang Keep and King's Court. The Purple Archer emits ambient particles at all times unless she is turned invisible by a powerup.


The Purple Archer can be encountered randomly in Versus mode in Twilight Spire after playing a total of at least 100 Versus rounds. The chance of encountering her starts at 15%, scaling up to 100% after 666 Versus rounds have been played. Her appearance is proceeded by a dark portal opening and spawning several enemies. Survive to defeat all the enemies and the Purple Archer will appear and be henceforth unlocked.

Vicious Vanguard

Viscious Vanguard

Home tower Cataclysm
Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Victory Theme

When the heroes of TowerFall entered the Dark World seeking vengeance, the Purple Archer donned full plate armor and became the Vicious Vanguard, leader of the Dark World armies. She fires arrows using her magic abilities instead of a traditional bow.

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