Various interactable objects appear within the stages of TowerFall. This page details each of them.

Suspended Objects

Flaming Torches

Torches come in several varieties as stage decoration. They have minor utility by way of lighting any arrows that pass by them on fire. Flaming arrows function just like regular arrows with the added property of being able to ignite and destroy brambles. A torch will be extinguished if a player dodges past it and can be relit using flaming arrows.

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns are attached to chains hanging from ceilings. They will block any arrow that contacts them before falling to the floor and becoming inert. A lantern will also fall if a player dodges past it.

Hanging Orbs

Hanging orbs rest in small perches. If an orb is contacted by a player, hit by an arrow or caught in an explosion it will become dislodged and fall to the floor below; any player who is impacted on the head by a falling orb will die. Falling orbs can be destroyed by arrows or explosions.

The green hanging orb is an explosive variant that explodes after falling when impacting ground, a player or an arrow.


Icicles hang from ceilings and behave in a similar fashion to hanging orbs; they can be dislodged by players, explosions or arrows and are lethal to players if struck on the head. Like orbs they can also be destroyed mid fall by arrows or explosions.

Spike Balls

Spike balls are attached a chain anchored in the center of a level. The spike ball will revolve around the center point endlessly in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction randomly decided at the start of the round. Any arrow that impacts the spike ball will be deflected and any player who touches the spike ball will die.

The green spike ball is an explosive variant that will explode on contact with either a player or an arrow after which it is removed from the playfield.

Floor Surfaces

Jump Pads

Jump pads turn green when activated by the presence of a player and propel the player higher if they jump off of one.


Ice has very little traction and will cause any player to slide across its surface. Sliding can be mitigated by ducking which will stop the player's movement instantly.

Hot Coals

Hot coals cause no damage but will propel the player a short distance into air whenever they come in contact with the surface. Holding the Jump button can result in a sllightly higher bounce.


Mud appears in one tile deep pools that cover surfaces. Player movement when standing in mud is greatly impeded and the mud may conceal the presence of arrows and brambles.

Floor Miasma (Quest mode only)

Floor miasma appears only in certain waves of some Quest mode stages. It spans the surface of certain platforms and is triggered by a player standing on the surface; a few moments after being triggered the surface will ignite in a short burst that will damage any player standing on it.


Decayed Platforms

Decayed platforms are small suspended platforms that will crumble apart and disappear from the level a few moments after a player stands on one; they will reset a few seconds after disappearing.

Ghost Platforms

Ghost platforms are suspended platforms with unique properties: all players, enemies and objects can move upwards through a ghost platform and any player standing on one can descend through it by ducking and pressing Jump. They may appear stationary in fixed locations, in a looping scrolling pattern, or revolving around a center point.

Stationary Blocks

Destructible Blocks

Destructible blocks are small 3x3 tiles in size that can be destroyed by explosions.

Frosted Destructible Blocks

The frosted variety of destructible blocks can similary be destroyed by explosions and may come in a variety of sizes.

Switch Blocks

Red and blue switch blocks come in varying sizes and numbers and will alternate at regular intervals with only one color being tangible at a time. When intangible, if the location of a switch block is obstructed by a player, enemy or object it will not become tangible unless the area is cleared.

Moon Glass

Moon glass will obstruct player movement as normal and any arrows will pass through the glass without affect. If an explosion originates within the confines of moon glass then it will shatter and be removed from the level.

Proximity Blocks

Proximity blocks are small 3x3 tiles in size and will obstruct all objects as normal, however if a player is within proximity they will open and disappear from the level until all players have left the vicinity.

Decayed Blocks

Decayed blocks are small 3x3 tiles in size that can will crumble and disappear a moment after contacting a player or arrow.

Granite Blocks (Trials mode only)

Granite blocks appear only in the Frostfang Keep Trials stages. They are narrow blocks embedded in the terrain which prevent Drill Arrows from passing through.

Moving Blocks

Moving blocks come in varying sizes and any player caught between a solid surface and a moving block will die.

Standard Moving Blocks

The standard moving blocks move slowly back and forth on preset paths either horizontally or vertically at a regular speed.

Serpent Blocks

Similar to the standard moving blocks, serpent blocks move back and forth either horizontally or vertically though shift at faster speeds at shorter intervals posing a greater threat to players. Their movement is preceeded by a glowing effect.

Crusher Blocks

Crusher blocks will fall to the ground in a very swift motion when triggered by either a player or arrow passing directly underneath. Their movement is preceded by a glowing effect. After falling, crusher blocks return to their neutral position waiting to be triggered again.

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