Versus ~ Quest ~ Trials
1v1 Levels 10
FFA Levels 7
Team Levels 6
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Music Omens
Treasure Spawn Rates
Bomb Arrows 30.00%
Laser Arrows 30.00%
Shield 13.70%
Looking Glass 6.85%
Time Orb 4.11%
Dark Orb 4.11%
Lava Orb 4.11%
Space Orb 4.11%
Chaos Orb 0.27%
Bomb Trap 2.74%

The aptly-named Moonstone tower is a chunk of the moon that broke off, crashing down to earth and obliterating much of the Mirage Kingdom. It emanates an unsettling, mystical energy and it is here that the White Archer, the Ancient Exile was discovered, frozen in amethyst.


Moonstone's primary distinguishing characteristics are Moonglass and Proximity Blocks, elements which change how solid blocks affect arrows and players. It also contains both Bomb Arrows and Laser Arrows by default. The combination of these elements makes Moonstone a tower that heavily tests your environmental awareness.


Moonstone can be unlocked in Versus mode. After playing Versus on every starter tower, return to Sacred Ground where on any level where the moon is clearly visible an event will trigger which unlocks Moonstone for play.

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