Enemies and Bosses

In the Co-op modes players must defeat enemies that spawn from Dark Portals in order to clear each stage. The Quest mode features boss battles with the King Reaper. The Dark World mode introduced a number of new enemies and features a unique boss battle at the end of each stage.


All enemies have an inert non-lethal state during which the player can safely contact the enemy from the side. Enemies will enter an attack animation when in proximity to a player during which any contact from the side or below will kill the player. Enemies are always vulnerable to stomping and arrow attacks with a few exceptions detailed below. A player is impervious to most enemies and their attacks when dodging.



Slimes come in three different color varieties: green, blue and red. They are the most common enemy, appearing in every stage and pose the least threat, however when spawning in great numbers they can easily overwhelm the player.

Slimes will slide forward across platforms, reversing direction when they encounter a wall and falling off ledges to continue their movement pattern when landing on platforms below. Slimes will attack the player if they are in front of one in close proximity by jumping forward in a predetermined arc. Green Slimes jump the shortest distance, followed by red, and blue jump the furthest. Slimes are only lethal to touching from the side during their attack animation. When falling, Slimes will alter their trajectory slightly aiming for a player if one is below them.

Slimes vanish when pierced by an arrow without altering the arrow's trajectory, such that a row of Slimes can all be defeated with a single arrow.

If faced by a Slime starting its attack animation, the safest strategy is to walk or dodge under its jump arc; jumping to stomp the Slime will often result in death as the Slime's jump height rivals that of the player's.


Worms will slowly crawl across surfaces including up walls and along ceilings. Every few moments they will create brambles on the surface they are attached to in a fashion similar to Bramble Arrows. Worms are not lethal to touch and will vanish when struck by an arrow without altering its trajectory.


Moles will walk back and forth across platforms and will attack a player who is standing in front of one within close proximity by rolling into a ball a quickly speeding across the stage. Any arrows that strike a Mole when rolling will be deflected, though they are still vulnerable to stomping attacks. Moles are also capable of digging downwards through platforms and will do so when a player is in close vicinity beneath them. Moles can be safely contacted from behind when not rolling.


Bats come in three varieties: the standard EyeBat, the explosive BomBat, and the Super BomBat which explodes in a manner similar to Super Bomb Arrows. All Bats have the same movement and attack patterns, flying forward in the air and reversing direction when contacting a wall. If a player is alongside or below a Bat in close proximity it will attack with a short dash in the player's direction. The BomBat varieties will explode when landing a successful attack; they will also explode a few moments after being defeated.


Crows behave very similarly to Bats with the same movement and attack patterns, the exception being that Crows will perform two dash attacks in succession when targeting a player, the trajectory of each determined by the player's relative position.


Ghosts come in two colors: blue and the slightly faster green. They are capable of floating in all directions and will track a player if they are in their vicinity, pursuing them in an attempt to kill by contact. If an arrow is fired at a ghost it will attempt to dodge out of the way and enter a cooldown period during which it cannot dodge again. Ghosts will vanish upon being struck by an arrow without altering the arrow's trajectory.

Fire Elementals

Fire Elementals come in two colors: red and the slightly faster green. They behave identically to Ghosts with one additional attribute: being made of fire they will burn the wings off of any player that comes in contact with them.


Exploders fly about the stage similarly to Ghosts and Fire Elementals, targeting a player when they come into their vicinity. If an Exploder gets close enough to a player it will grow in size before self-destructing in an explosion. Arrows bounce when striking an Exploder and trigger the same self-destruct behavior, as will stomps and other explosions. They only appear in the Dark World stages.

Flaming Skulls

Flaming Skulls float about the stage endlessly bouncing off of surfaces at 45 degree angles and paying no heed to players. As with Fire Elementals, the wings of any player that contacts a Flaming Skull will be burned away. Arrows bounce when striking a Flaming Skull. They only appear in the Dark World stages.



Crystals come in various forms all of which float about the stage in cyclical patterns. When a player is in the vicinity of a Crystal with a clear line of sight it will fire varying arrow types targeting the player.

Red Laser Crystals will fire a single Laser Arrow at the player and when defeated will fire 4 Laser Arrows in an X pattern.

Blue Laser Crystals will fire two volleys of Laser Arrows, a single Laser Arrow quickly followed by 2 in the same direction though at slightly outward angles; when defeated blue Crystals will fire 4 lasers in an X pattern identical to the red Crystals.

Green Bolt Crystals will fire a single Bolt Arrow at the player and when defeated will fire a single Bolt Arrow in the player's direction or in the direction from which it was struck. Arrows bounce when striking any Crystal.

Pink Prism Crystals behave similarly to the other Crystal types; they will fire a single Prism Arrow at players and when defeated will fire a volley of 3 Prism Arrows in rapid succession at slightly differentiated angles. They only appear in the Dark World stages.



Cultists come in three varieties: purple and red Cultists wield knives and the green Cultists wield scythes. All Cultists will walk forward across platforms and reverse direction when contacting a wall; they are also able to hop up one-tile high inclines. Cultists will fall off of ledges and continue movement on platforms below.

If a player is within the vicinity of a Cultist, they will dash forward attacking with their held weapon; purple Cultists will follow up their forward attack with an overhead swipe that will kill players attempting to stomp them. All Cultists are able to deflect front facing arrow fire using their weapons whilst the green Scythe Cultists are also able to deflect arrows from below when falling from a platform. Cultists cannot attack again for a few moments after attacking.

Red Cultists only appear during battle with the boss of Quest mode, the King Reaper. Red Cultists behave exactly like purple Cutlists except they do not perform overhead swipe attacks. They will continuously spawn until the wave is completed by damaging the King Reaper.


Birdmen fly back and forth, changing direction when contacting a wall and will rise and fall with each flap of their wings. They attack by creating small whirlwinds which are thrown in the player's direction when they come into their vicinity. The whirlwinds can kill players and deflect arrows that contact them. If an arrow is fired at a Birbman then they will defend themselves with a whirlwind attack in the direction of the arrow. After attacking, Birdmen have a short cooldown period indicated by small stars above their head, during which they cannot attack again.


TechnoMages hover in the air and fly back and forth, reversing direction when contacting a wall. If a player comes within their vicinity they will fire a rocket from their staff that can seek players. The rockets will explode when impacting a surface, an object (including players and other enemies), or when shot by an arrow. Arrows bounce when striking a TechnoMage and when defeated TechnoMages will self-destruct, flying erratically about the stage and bouncing off of surfaces at random angles before exploding after a few moments.

Skeleton Archers


Skeleton Archers are red colored enemy archers which have comparable abilities to player archers. They will always spawn with 2 arrows which may be of any type, usually reflecting the special arrow type of the stage in which they appear; they may also spawn with a shield and/or wings. Bomb Skeleton Archers have a unique head sprite with glowing red eyes and will always spawn with Bomb Arrows; they are otherwise identical. Skeleton Archers will typically walk back and forth, stopping and changing direction at random and may drop from ledges to continue their movement on platforms below. Skeleton Archers can hold a maximum of 3 arrows and will collect any inert arrows they pass over and will also steal an arrow from a player if they contact one from the side when holding no arrows. They cannot open chests or collect the powerups contained within.

Skeleton Archers will actively attack players as soon as they move into their attack range and whilst they can make formidable foes they have several predictable behaviors that players can use to their advantage:

  • They are not capable of any advanced techniques, including ducking, clinging to ledges, wall-slides, wall-jumps, fast-falling, dodge-slides, dodge stalling and tap-cancels.
  • They may dodge at random when threatened by a player (stars appear above their heads indicating their dodge cooldown period).
  • If fired directly upon they will nearly always dodge to catch arrows, the exception being long range shots from behind and falling arrows.
  • They will frequently utilize jump-cancels after dodging to avoid arrow fire.
  • They will dodge to disarm active Trigger Arrows, though not reliably so, often resulting in looping behavior when near an active Trigger Arrow.
  • They depend on line of sight and will not target players hidden around corners or behind walls.
  • Similarly, they will often neglect to react to arrows that are fired from a distance behind them.
  • If a player is directly above when spawning from a dark portal they will always dodge to the left or right making spawn camping an effective strategy.
  • Their attack range is longer if they are facing a player and they will pursue a player who remains in their attack range.
  • Players can bait their fire by standing within their attack range for a few moments.
  • When at a distance they will rarely quick-draw fire, instead they will usually take a moment to visibly aim their shot before firing.
  • In close quarters it becomes near impossible to predict exactly when they will fire arrows, though they are likely to fire upon players who are in dodge cooldown.
  • When holding no arrows and in close quarters they will act erratically, jumping and dodging to try and stomp players;
  • They rarely react in time to quick movements such as when players hyper dodge from a distance to stomp them.
  • They will not react to players who are in invincibility frames after being revived.

Shadow Archers

Shadow Archers are a variant of Skeleton Archers which have the form of a black shadow. They will walk idly about the stage until a player enters their vicinity at which point they immediately take the identical form of the player and will maintain that appearance until defeated. Despite their different appearance, they behave exactly the same as Skeleton Archers though only ever spawn with Standard Arrows.


Dark World bosses

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