Versus ~ Dark World ~ Trials
1v1 Levels
FFA Levels
Team Levels
Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Music Dreadwood
Treasure Spawn Rates
+2 Arrows %
Shield %
Wings %
Time Orb %
Dark Orb %
Lava Orb %

Dreadwood is the Dark World counterpart to Thornwood. It comprises pyramid like structures surrounded by swampy marshland.



Dreadwood houses several unique gaemplay mechanics. Like Thornwood it has moving blocks known as Crushers which remain stationary until an archer or arrow passes underneath, at which point they come crashing down in a style reminiscent of Thwomps from the Super Mario series of video games. Pools of green mud can be found which greatly impair player movement whilst also concealing discarded arrows. Bomb Arrows and Bramble Arrows can be found in this area, and the mud has a habit of camouflaging the bramble thorns.

Lady Abigail - Tyrant Queen of the Forest


Lady Abigail features in the final level as the boss of Dreadwood when playing in the Dark World mode. She consists of three large eyes hanging from the ceiling which open one at time becoming vulnerable to attack from below. Spores will continually float down form the ceiling and turn into bramble patches when contacting with a surface. When engaged in battle, Lady Abigail will expel lethal thorn covered vines from below the surface of the level.

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