Versus ~ Dark World ~ Trials
1v1 Levels
FFA Levels
Team Levels
Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Music Darkfang
Treasure Spawn Rates
+2 Arrows %
Shield %
Wings %
Time Orb %
Dark Orb %
Lava Orb %

Darkfang is the Dark World counterpart to Frostfang Keep. It is a winter fortress housing many explosive traps for taking care of intruders.


Darkfang is all about explosions. It is home to Trigger Arrows, which can be manually detonated by their owner at any time they choose. Green orbs litter the playing field which function similar to the Purple Orbs found in Twilight Spire, only they explode on impact. Lastly, there are Green Spikeballs which also explode on contact with either an archer or an arrow. Much of the terrain is destructible and will crumble away when hit by explosions which means the layout of each level change drastically as the battle continues.

The Blind Lich - Tormentor of the Forsaken


The Blind Lich features in the final level as the boss of Darkfang when playing in the Dark World mode. It appears as a gigantic demon's skull with an eye housed at the top. It floats in the center of the level whilst manipulating two skeletal figures frozen in large blocks of ice. It attacks using the blocks of ice in various symmetrical patterns attempting to crush its assailants. Meanwhile, ghosts of the departed spawn from the ceiling attempting to steal the lives of any archers who dare stand in their path. The Blind Lich's only weakness is the single eye found atop the skull which when open is vulnerable to arrows and stomping attacks.

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