Competitive Play

Competitive TowerFall is a growing scene. While tournament rules may very, there is a generally accepted standard concerning game rules and tournament conduct that is detailed in the Tournament Handbook. Also join the Discord community to keep up to date with the scene!

Some examples of high level competitive TowerFall:

Some upcoming events:

  • Genesis 4, January 21st 2017 in San Jose, California, USA - To register for non-smash games (like TowerFall) only, select "Single-day spectator" pass. Also check out this trailer to get hyped!
  • Indie Olympics 2017 - Details TBA, likely late February in San Francisco, California, USA.

For a description of strategies often utilized in competitive play see Competitive Strategies

We aim to keep this page updated with competitive TowerFall groups and events in all countries. To have your group, event or stream added to this page please join the Discord community and post the details there, or post in the TowerFall subreddit.

Regular Meets and Events

United States

Area Event Timing Stream
Oakland Bay Area TowerFall Scrims Wednesdays 6:30pm Twitch
Philadelphia Philly Dev Night Thursdays 7pm Tumblr
San Francisco Folsom Street Foundry Game Night Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-midnight


Area Event Timing Stream
Chengdu Chengdu Gaming Federation Wednesdays 9pm-midnight


Area Event Timing Stream
Sliema Contact @Giru017 Thursdays 8pm

Competitive Teams

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