Versus ~ Dark World ~ Trials
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Availability Included in the Dark World expansion
Music Cataclysm
Treasure Spawn Rates
+2 Arrows %
Shield %
Wings %
Time Orb %
Dark Orb %
Lava Orb %

Cataclysm is the final battle of the Dark World campaign and takes place in the Dark World counterpart to the Ascension tower.



When played in Versus mode all the levels of Cataclysm will be procedurally generated and can incorporate any of the hazards found in all the previous stages. Cataclysm also features Prism Arrows which can be used to snare opponents in temporary traps



You can set the random seed for the procedurally generated levels of Cataclysm. To set it, hold Down on the Cataclysm map tile. The seed is used to generate all the levels. This means that if you play two matches with the same seed, the levels will be the same for both. If you don’t set it yourself, it’ll be randomly picked from one billion possible values.

When you finish a match on Cataclysm, the seed is displayed in the corner of the results screen. Write it down if you want to revisit the layouts you just played.

Cataclysm - Impossible Horror at the Center of All Creation


The boss of Cataclysm shares the same name as the stage in which it appears. It features in the final level of Cataclsym when playing in the Dark World mode. It is composed of a gigantic eye within a toothed mouth surrounded by green crystals. The battle against Cataclysm features two main phases, the first of which requires players to destroy the green lanterns and attack using the Laser Arrows fired by Cataclysm, repeating until its health is depleted. The second phase sees Cataclysm rise to the ceiling and fire countless projectiles whilst spawning numerous enemies. Players need merely dispose of the enemies and survive the onslaught until Cataclysm yields in defeat.

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