Versus ~ Quest ~ Trials
1v1 Levels
FFA Levels
Team Levels
Availability Unlockable in the Ascension update
Music Rapture
Treasure Spawn Rates
+2 Arrows %
Shield %
Wings %
Time Orb %
Dark Orb %
Lava Orb %

Ascension is a great tower located in the far south east that stands tall over all of TowerFall. It was left in ruins for reasons unknown, though is restored by the heroes at the culmination of their quest to save TowerFall. Its Dark World counterpart is Cataclysm.


The stages of Ascension feature a lot of vertical shafts that highlight vertical play. Feather Arrows feature which travel significantly faster than other arrows and are not affected by gravity.


Ascension can be unlocked after discovering Sunken City, Moonstone and TowerForge. These three stages each feature a hidden cipher that can be entered into the final Ascension page of the in-game Archives menu, at which point the Ascension tower is restored and made available for play.

King Reaper

The King Reaper features in Ascension as the boss off Quest mode.

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